Thirteen different monsters, hundreds of traits, 10,000 unique combinations, Your CryptoMonsters are your security clearance to the lab. Put your lab coat and goggles on, and let the experiments begin.

 About CryptoMonster Lab 

Channel your inner mad scientist and join us in the CryptoMonster Lab where you’ll be able combine your NFTs to create a new and more rare species of CryptoMonsters. You’ll be able to change some of the traits of your CryptoMonster and even enhance their genetic makeup to create a more powerful CryptoMonster. Grab your lab coat and goggles and join us in the lab!

Phase 1

Before the experiments can begin we need to set up the lab. Our early supporters will be rewarded with early access to minting, we’ll let you know soon when that will take place. We want you to get your hands on some CryptoMonsters, before the sale starts we’ll be having contests and giveaways.

Phase 2

After all CryptoMonsters have been minted, we’ll collaborate with like-minded NFT artists and projects to craft some rad collaborations in the Lab that they will be writing about for years to come in scientific journals. We like to take care of our community, you will receive some exciting airdrops in the near future.

Phase 3

New Monsters! The CryptoMonster Lab will be open for everyone to experiment on their monsters and create an entire new species. But that’s not all you’ll be able to do in the lab, some possible activities that could take place in the lab include breeding, mutations, ethberries experimentations, alien invasions, monster takeover, burning, staking and rewards for your monster collections. We want the community to have a voice in the direction of the lab, this lab is made for you, what do you want to do in the lab? We plan on constantly adding new experiments to the lab that will take the scientific community by storm.

Phase 4

CryptoMonsters will be taking over the Metaverse! The CryptoMonster Lab will have a presence throughout the entire metaverse. It will include the Lab, museum, habitats for all monsters. And of course we’re gonna have merch, these handsome CryptoMonsters need to be transferred to apparel that will end up on your torso or head (not in a weird lab experiment way, we’re still talking about apparel here.)

Phase 5

Our CryptoMonsters want to have their stories shared with the world, we’ll explore their backstories and how the lab was created in the CryptoMonster Lab comic book. We have 13 CryptoMonsters, each with its own unique backstory. Who is this mysterious mad scientist? Will CryptoMonsters revolt and take over the lab? What happens when CryptoMonsters eat toxic berries? The comic book is an NFT which will have lab utility, new collection utility and work with the burning mechanics.

Lab Crew


Santiago Uceda is an illustrator and motion designer whose work has been recognized by American Illustration, Latin American Illustración & International Motion Arts Awards.


Developer Guru. Projects he has worked on include DeadHeads and The Ethereans. Member of BAYC, Gutter Cat Gang, and the Wicked Craniums.


Wen mint?


Who is the creative mind behind CryptoMonster Lab art?

Santiago Uceda, he's an illustrator and animator based in the Pacific Northwest. His work has appeared in magazines, posters, apparel, murals, and galleries. You can see more of his work at

How many traits and attributes?

There will be thirteen different monsters with hundreds of traits generating 10,000 unique combinations. Some of the traits include custom backgrounds, wings, body colors, clothing, heads, mouth, nose, eyes, eyebrows, stylish eyewear, critters, lab coat, and tattoos.

What are CryptoMonsters?

CryptoMonsters are cute creepy playful creatures that roam the forests of the Pacific Northwest in search of ethberries, their favorite food. Unfortunately for them there’s a mad scientist obsessed with Cryptozoology who captures and performs experiments on our monster friends.

How much will it cost to mint?

TBD. Your CryptoMonster will be your security clearance into our lab where the experiments will take place.

What is an NFT? How do I get one?

Non-fungible tokens are one of a kind digital assets. They exist on a blockchain currency and give buyers digital ownership rights.

How many CryptoMonsters can I mint?


How long do CryptoMonsters live?

We intend to keep CryptoMonsters alive for many years, with every new idea from the community we ensure their longevity.

Commercial rights?

You will have FULL commercial rights over your creation.